Out Now: Series Finale

“It’s decision time for Ben and his hotwife Emily. But whatever path this cuckold couple choose to take, their lives are about to be forever altered by alpha male Connor…”

MWR6 900x1200 - Copy

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6 thoughts on “Out Now: Series Finale

  1. Why is this book 6 not available in india yet? Have been trying to buy it for a long time but Amazon doesn’t allow me to purchase from here. Any suggestions on onbtining the kindle version?


    • Hi Sandy, thanks for alerting us to this. I’ve checked the admin here and MWR6 is set-up to be available in India as well as everywhere else on Amazon. The best thing to do would be to contact them at your end, tell them you know the final part is available elsewhere on Amazon and ask if there’s some sort of ‘local’ admin glitch. Here’s the Amazon ‘ASIN’ (product code) which may help you. ASIN: B07DKFMZPJ. Let me know how you go on.
      Regards, Tinto


      • Thanks for your prompt response. I have written to Amazon India asking for the ebook. I hope they respond soon.

        Am sure your Admin will also alert Amazon to this omission.
        But thanks for writing such terrific books. Just discovered your books a few months back and I have now purchased most of them.



      • Many thanks for your kind comments about my books. Will you let me know whether Amazon India eventually sort out the availability of My Wife Reclaimed 6 for you? Regards, Tinto


      • Got the following reply from Amazon:

        “Due to content licensing restrictions, Kindle content with ASIN:B07DKFMZPJ, is not currently available for purchase in India. I’ve forwarded your feedback to our content team as they continue to work with publishers to make more Kindle books available on Amazon.in. “

        It doesn’t explain how Book 1-5 were available and only Book 6 had ‘content liscensing restrictions’. Quite frustrating not to be able to buy the Series Finale. But anyways will continue to pursue this with Amazon.

        Hope you will be able to nudge them a bit too.



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