Out Now: Break Me Twice 2

What if the dominant alpha male who took your ex, wanted you to step aside and let him consummate your marriage to your new bride?

BMT2Cover_900x1200 - Copy

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3 thoughts on “Out Now: Break Me Twice 2

  1. Hello! enjoying this book immensely so far. She should tell her cuck shes too good for him and a better fit for her lover an wanna see more passion kissing for the hot couple an more ‘she cheats/he eats 🙂

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    • Thanks for your comments and interesting ideas. I’m giving them some thought. Glad you’re enjoying Break Me Twice. Am currently working on second draft. Hopefully this will be complete by the end of the week so I may get the book out at some point next week. I’ll confirm it ASAP.


    • hey Cuck, I like those things too and have made similar suggestions plus other humiliation type ideas for Tinto to consider. Please leave him a review on Amazon to help him get more visibility.


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