Out Now: Another Man Takes My Wife 3

How much could any submissive husband take of that dominant alpha male that he hates?

Final part of the best-selling cuckold Trilogy is now available exclusively on Amazon worldwide.


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2 thoughts on “Out Now: Another Man Takes My Wife 3

  1. I really enjoyed the theme of the series, as not many cuckold authors write about the bull taking the wife away from the husband, and the husband is both torn by jealousy and pleasure to see this happening in front of him. Book 1 was definitely the strongest as it really played with emotions as the wife warned her hubby about the consequences of letting her spend time with another man. I was really hoping the 3rd book would be the explosive climax of the series, but the ending was pretty tame. the wife breaking things off with the bull because of the 3some?, some great ideas were in the final book like the wife sitting on the husband’s face with a creampie, agreeing to deny sex to her husband using the chastity device, and finally the pregnancy. Unfortunately, these themes were just briefly mentioned, and we don’t get to see much great detail on these events such as the wife humiliating her husband both physically and verbally. For example, I would have loved to read about Abi informing Simon that he can’t have sex with her anymore because she’s committed to Max, and see the pleasure and hurt of this dealt with by Simon. I remember you mentioning that you wanted a different ending where the wife didn’t leave the husband. I think you could have still had a great ending where that didn’t happen. Such as having the husband relegated to house slave-husband/ nanny care-taker for the wife and bull’s baby etc.. I did leave you a review on Amazon, and gave this book 4 stars even though it was lacking the sensual mind fucking that the first book was so good at. Is there an address or feature that lets us leave you private feedback/suggestions for your books? Kind regards.


    • Hi there. Many thanks for your detailed and considered email and the 4* review you took the time to leave on Amazon. I understand your points and appreciate the suggestions. I’ve dropped you an email with my contact details as requested.


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