Out Now: Another Man Takes My Wife 2


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2 thoughts on “Out Now: Another Man Takes My Wife 2

  1. Hi, love the Another Man Takes My Wife books! I’m hoping things really escalate for the final installment. Would love to see Max decide that he wants to settle down and he and Abi coerce Simon into letting them start a family together. The conflicted feelings of shame and lust for Simon as he agrees to let Abi get pregnant with Max, and perhaps it goes further with Max persuading Simon to give Abi away to him for good?! Abi could decide to start denying intercourse to her husband because she doesn’t want to cheat on Max, and only lets him do cleanup oral could be really hot. Maybe Simon stumbles upon a text from his wife to Max declaring that she loves Max more than her husband.. that would be some excellent humiliation.

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    • Hi,
      Thanks for your message and kind comments about the series. Makes it all worthwhile.

      Your ideas are interesting – and hot. I’m almost finished writing the 1st draft of the final book and in it you’ll see one or two of the events aren’t a million miles away from some of your your suggestions. Your others give me some food for thought for future stories.

      As far as the ending of this series goes, I want it to finish it differently from my last (Breaking us Both), where the wife left her husband for the bull. So this one may have a slightly ‘happier’ ending – or not, depending on how you look at it of course. But there’s still a whole lot of denial, long-term shame and humiliation coming Simon’s way. It should be out around 16th Feb.

      Feel free to keep in touch and if you get a sec, to drop me a quick review on Amazon – that always a big help.



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