Breaking Us Both 4 -Out Now

What happens to a cuckold husband when his wife’s dominant alpha male lover wants him to give up his role as a man?

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4 thoughts on “Breaking Us Both 4 -Out Now

  1. Thank you Tinto, it was a brilliant book 4! I understand that you like to play with the idea of frustration but tell me we can expect a book 5 maybe with the couple under complete control including financial. I already have a couple of scenes in my head 😉 but I’m sure you don’t need help.

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    • Hi Pierre,
      Thanks for your kind comments. I’m glad you enjoyed Book 4 as much as the first 3. I’m planning 2 more parts to the series and am currently working on Book 5 which should be released early in September. It’s always interesting to hear your specific thoughts and/or ideas so feel free to let me know. Obviously I can’t always promise to incorporate everything I hear, but often reader feedback sparks different trains of thought. Thanks again,


      • Dear Tinto,
        Thank you for your answer. I’d like to begin by telling you why I think your books are so great:
        -The construction is very good (length of the scenes, alternation between life scenes and erotic ones, mix of things we expect and surprises)
        -The style is simple, masculine and elegant
        -The psychology is believable and some things are suggested but left at the reader’s imagination
        -And finally I take as much pleasure re-reading your books as the 1st time.
        I’ve been especially excited by Breaking Us Both. So much so that I’ve imagined a few scenes happening. Here’s my fantasies:
        -Richmond has taken financial control of the couple and gives them a “price-list” of how much money they receive when they perform each of the tasks mentioned. The more humiliating, the higher the price. Toilet service being top of the list.
        -During a conversation in the cages, we learn that the mansion used to belong to the 2 slaves before they handed it over to their masters.
        -Upon Richmond’s request, Lily has to be taken by both of Vaughn’s former bosses with Vaughn cleaning up in between.
        -There’s a photo shoot to complete the “possession” files.
        -Vaughn is trained to deep-throat.
        -Vaughn can’t come anymore without Richmond punishing his balls. (Pavlov)
        -Richmond calls Vaughn from work while being serviced by Lily under the desk.
        Richmond explains to Vaughn that he has to be a sissy because he’s not gay and can’t have sex with a real man.
        Sorry if I’ve been too long. I’ve tried to summarize what in my mind are long dirty scenes. It just gives you an idea of the impact some of your characters can have on the reader.
        Can’t wait for September to read volume 5. Do you have any author you could recommend meanwhile?
        Best regards,


      • Hi Pierre,
        Thanks for your reply. Its very useful and encouraging to hear your specific comments about my books. I really appreciate this. I also like a number of your thoughts about potential future directions for the series. I’m on the 2nd draft of book 5 and also plan to release what will probably be the final book (6) by the end of next month. I’ll see what I can do about incorporating at least some of your fantasies into book 6 if I can. FYI, the ‘slaves handing over their home’ concept is being touched on in the final book in the ‘Led by Her series’ (10!) which is scheduled for release in October.

        Regarding other authors I’ve detailed 3 below who I enjoyed. Their work isn’t always that similar to mine but I either found them inspiring or they were recommended to me by other readers.
        1. Molly Sands – La Belle Dame (kind of ‘old fashioned’/traditional Femdom)
        2. The Thrill of Defeat – TS Miller (one of the 1st erotica books I read before I started writing myself. Strangely this guy only ever seemed to write the one book even though I contacted him trying to encourage him to do more!)
        3. On the Auction Block – Ashley Zacharias (Free 1st in series)



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