Coming Soon: Breaking us Both 4

What happens to a cuckold husband when his wife’s dominant alpha male lover wants him to give up his role as a man?

Breaking us Both 4b_900x1200 - Copy

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Breaking us Both 4

  1. I’m happy to hear there is going to be a book 4! I really enjoy this series. My suggestion is that more people should be in on the secret. Vaughn and Lily’s parents, the neighbors George and Marion as well as his coworkers. I think Richmond should be the one to reveal it to everybody. He could film a video or take a photo. Let me know what you think, thanks!


    • Glad to hear you’re enjoying the series. Always appreciate hearing where readers imagine the books going, so will keep your specific thoughts in mind. I’ve done the first draft of Book 4 and am editing at the moment. More of the people that Vaughn and Lily know are indeed going to become aware that something is going on so be interested to hear what you think when it’s released. Scheduled for early next week. Regards, Tinto


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