The Landlord is Back: Part 2 Out Now

Landlord2 Cover 900x1200 - Copy

And this time he’s brought friends….

Nick thinks he and his sexy young hotwife have put their first time cuckolding by their landlord behind them. But when the old man upstairs returns from his long cruise vacation
it quickly becomes clear he has further plans for submissive husband Nick and his young wife.

To make matters worse, the couple in this cuckold marriage are becoming increasingly reliant for their income on a friend of their landlord. Rochella;
a middle-aged single female and lesbian with an agenda of her own.

As Nick struggles to contain his young wife’s worsening free-spending, their debt and what seems to be her increasing desire for exhibitionism, their landlord is determined to make
them pay. But this time the old man has group humiliation and sharing on his mind.

How will the naive young couple cope with submission to this experienced bull and his lecherous friends?

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