Breaking us Both 2 – Out Now!

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8 thoughts on “Breaking us Both 2 – Out Now!

  1. Hi Tinto,
    You simply have to write at least a part 3! You finished vol 2 with the bull buying a cock cage… it should be used.
    Keep up the good work.

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    • Many thanks for your kind comment Pierre. I’m working on the second part of another of my ebooks (Cuckolded by my Landlord) at the moment. Once this is done and released in the next few weeks, I’ll be starting on Breaking us Both P3. Should be published by the end of Next month. You can rest assured the cage will indeed be getting some use!


      • Hello Tinto,
        Thank you so much for the second instalment of the landlord which was great. I can’t wait for the third part if Breaking Us Both which is –in my opinion- the hottest thing you’ve written. I keep thinking about the characters and they nurture quite a few fantasies of mine. I keep imagining their next encounter now that Lily knows about her husband. In my fantasy, Richmond is being serviced by them both while he whips Vaughn’s balls who is wearing the cock cage.
        This was just to tell you that your books are not just quickly forgotten erotica but wonderfully crafted stories with a great construction.
        Thank you for that,

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      • Hi Pierre,

        Many thanks for your kind comments. It honestly makes the effort of writing the stories doubly worthwhile. I have a moment ago completed the first draft of Breaking us 3. Now the real work starts – editing. It should be finished and ready before the end of the month. This story keeps growing in my mind too and there are a number of directions it could take. I like the idea of them both servicing yet V being ‘punished’ for his efforts so let’s see! Tinto


    • Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment. Quite like your suggestions actually. I was planning a little more of the ‘wife display’ aspects hinted at in Breaking us 2 – assuming I write a part 3. This looks likely now so I’ll see what I can do.


      • I saw on Twitter that book 3 was coming out next week; I’m
        really excited! Were you able to use any of my requests from the shopping trip idea?


      • Hi there,
        Thanks for your email about Breaking us Both 3. Yes, you’ll find a shopping trip as part of this adventure. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know either way. The book should be out by Wednesday next week latest but I’ll update again next week as soon as I can confirm. Tinto


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