Cuckolded by my Landlord

Cuckolded and dominated

Nick never thought his sexy young hotwife could actually be persuaded cuckold him. Not even if she did sometimes indulge his cuckolding fantasies by flirting with other guys or role-play in bed. He certainly never expected to be cuckolded by a much older man like their landlord.

But when the submissive husband and his free-spending young wife get into serious debt, the landlord is the only one this naive couple can turn to. For a husband with a gorgeous wife he’s never really satisfied, this is only going to end one way.

The landlord is a man who takes great pleasure in demanding a whole lot more of this couple than a share of their financial problems.

How will the husband deal with submission to an experienced bull determined that he should be both cuckolded and dominated? A landlord hell-bent on the systematic humiliation of the husband as he reduces him to watching and intimately sharing his beautiful wife?

This is a full-size stand-alone 20,000 words + novella adventure story written from the husband’s point of view. It contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and action including submission, voyeurism and cuckold humiliation. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this.

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